On Being Artists of Our Lives (Erev Rosh Hashanah Drash 5778)

By Rabbi Adina Allen

We are all artists of our lives. Our actions, yearnings, discoveries, choices, losses, words spoken and left unspoken, anger, guilt, learnings, and love will paint the picture of the life we’ve lived when we reach the end of our days. Each one of these elements is important and has a place in the painting of our life. The extent to which we find our life a work of beauty will depend on how deeply we engaged with these raw materials. It can be terrifying to think where this creative exploration might lead us, or what we’ll find, in our wild, untamed, swirling depths. We weren’t raised to be explorers of our soul - to hear the voice of the Universe as it is refracted through us. But here, within our depths, lies the wild, fecund, place of all possibility, our innate creativity