A New Approach to Jewish Creativity

The Jewish Studio Project (JSP) was created to provide a new entryway into Judaism - one in which creativity is a pathway for connecting to tradition, cultivating community and, ultimately, bringing more good into the world. Judaism belongs to all of us. It requires all of our voices. JSP’s innovative framework fosters creative empowerment and ownership over Jewish tradition and opens up access to those who have for too long felt on the margins of the Jewish experience.

Part urban art studio, part house of Jewish learning, part spiritual community, JSP activates creativity in individuals and communities to make life more meaningful, Judaism more vibrant and the world more just.

JSP is pioneering a unique methodology, The Jewish Studio Process, that combines Jewish learning and creative arts exploration to investigate relevant questions about our lives and our tradition. Our core belief is that each one of us is inherently creative. Regardless of whether or not we consider ourselves “an artist” or “the creative type,” our tradition teaches us that we all possess the capacity for creativity.

From this foundation, JSP is building a creative Jewish movement that sparks a culture of creative spiritual engagement; infuses Judaism with new voices and diverse perspectives; empowers individuals with creative confidence; and addresses our society’s increased polarization and divisiveness.


Watch Rabbi Adina Allen share the Story of JSP


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