A New Approach to Jewish Creativity

Jewish Studio Project (JSP) is a brand new model of learning and connection - at once an urban art studio, house of Jewish learning and spiritual community. JSP’s work activates the creative potential in each person and utilizes creative arts and Jewish learning practices to build tools for expanding empathy, cultivating curiosity and navigating the uncertainty of our world. Through immersive experiences, trainings, professional development engagements and thought leadership, JSP has become a leading resource for creative learning and spiritual engagement across the country.


The foundation of JSP’s work is a groundbreaking methodology, the Jewish Studio Process, which integrates creative practices from the field of art therapy with learning approaches from the beit midrash (house of inquiry). This process opens us to see ourselves and the world through fresh eyes, work through places where we feel stuck and leverage the power of Jewish ideas to transform our lives. 

From this foundation, JSP is building a creative Jewish movement that sparks a culture of creative spiritual engagement; infuses Judaism with new voices and diverse perspectives; empowers individuals with creative confidence; and addresses our society’s increased polarization and divisiveness.


Watch Rabbi Adina Allen share the Story of JSP


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