JSP Receives Covenant Ignition Grant!

From the Covenant Foundation Website:

The Covenant Foundation announced $1.6 million in new grants today, continuing its commitment to support the most creative and innovative approaches to Jewish education.

“It is so inspiring to see the wonderful work our grant applicants bring forward each year,” said Cheryl R. Finkel, Chair of the Board of Directors of The Covenant Foundation. “There is imagination and excitement evident in each and every program design and we can’t wait to see where this latest cohort of grantees take their dreams.”

Foundation grants are divided into two categories: Signature grants, which generally provide funding of up to $150,000 over three years, and Ignition grants, of up to $20,000 for one year to support new and untested approaches.

The grants announced today are part of approximately $1.8 million to be distributed this year.

“The new and inventive projects described here are the best reflection of where Jewish education is headed in 2019,” said Harlene Appelman, Executive Director of The Covenant Foundation.

“Family Education, citizenship and civil discourse, teaching Judaism through the arts, investing in professionals at every stage of their careers, continually re-imagining text and Torah study—these are just some of the vital areas we are proud to support and in which we are eager to see growth. We have every confidence that this year’s group of grantees will guide us capably toward a new and exciting phase in Jewish education.

Read more about this years grantees here!

Jeff Kasowitz