June Newsletter - Summer in the Studio


Happy Summer! With days long and sun shining bright, Studio AM is blossoming: the walls of the studio are vibrating with the soulful harmonies of early morning singing; the words of Torah are intermingling with words of probing questions; wild new creations are coming into being. From the studio space to the community to the staff team - Studio AM is growing.

In this week's Torah portion, Korach challenges existing authority structures by asserting that the entire community is holy, all of them, and that the Divine dwellsbitocham - within them. The use of the word bitocham echoes God's promise in Exodus that if we create the mishkan - or sacred space - the Divine presence will dwellbitocham - within us.  

Playing on this word bitocham, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk teaches that we are meant not only to create external sacred spaces, but we are to build the sanctuary in our own heart so that God can dwell within us. This metaphorical mishkan is meant to mirror the physical mishkan we build together in the public square.

During this time of Summer spaciousness and warmth, may the internal sacred center in each of us connect us not only to God, but to the gifts, artistry, and spiritual longings of those with whom we share community.

(Read more about Parshat Korach in Rabbi Adina's latest piece in the Huffington Post.)

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