March Newsletter - Opening The Doors


Passover is a holiday of radical imagination. The Mishnah teaches that each year we are to see ourselves as if WE are the ones going out of Egypt. In this way, tradition compels us to take a leap of imagination, placing ourselves into the Passover narrative. As we retell the story of our ancestors, we touch upon the places in our own story where we reach towards freedom from the narrowness and oppression in our lives and in the world.

The seder begins and ends with a call to imagine. In closing the seder, we open the door and rise to welcome in Elijah the Prophet. Harbinger of a better world to come, Elijah represents our visions for a world of justice, healing and liberation for all. This Passover, may we have the audacity and courage to let our imagination run wild and, in so doing, open the doors to a world redeemed.

Happy Passover from all of us at JSP and STUDIO AM!

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