Hevrutahpreneurship: Partnering for Learning and Leading

This article was written by Cyd Weissman, Director of the Reconstructionist Learning Networks and professor of Jewish Education and Entrepreneurship at RRC.

Solopreneurship, the practice of single-handedly starting and leading an organization, is a celebrated American entrepreneurial approach. Americans tout the notion that with hard work and hustle, any individual can tackle any challenge.

Jeff Kasowitz and Adina Allen, co-founders of The Jewish Studio Project, embrace a countercultural approach. They are successfully leading a startup guided by the Jewish principle of hevrutah, Aramaic for friendship or companionship. Traditionally, rather than tackle complicated Jewish texts alone, yeshiva students studied them in small groups, or hevrutah. In contrast to flying solo, Jeff and Adina have partnered for learning and leading as friends, companions and spouses. I call their approach hevrutahpreneurship.

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