Rabbi Adina leads "Inheritors & Innovators" Webinar for The Shoolman School of Graduate Jewish Education at Hebrew College

Inheritors and Innovators: Art as Inquiry into Jewish Texts

Creativity is the birthright of every person, and the vast canon of Jewish texts are the birthright of every Jew. Each and every one of us has a unique capacity to understand and interpret our texts. When used as a tool for inquiry in the learning process, the creative arts can be a powerful tool for bringing our full selves to the texts, unearthing new stories and insights, and fostering a deep connection to the tradition. In this session we will explore a holistic, arts-based approach to Jewish learning with The Jewish Studio Project co-founder, Rabbi Adina Allen. Together we will consider how this unique methodology harnesses the power of the creative arts to help us continually inherit and innovate a Judaism meaningful for our lives today. Rabbi Allen will share her experiences using these methods with a wide range of learners, articulating both strategies and outcomes of her work.  Watch webinar here!