Studio Immersive FAQ


Why the Studio Immersive?

We are all creative. Each one of us has the ability to imagine, ask questions, play and wrestle with the raw materials of our lives to bring new insights into the world. In a Jewish context, our creativity can bring forth unique voices and diverse perspectives, making our tradition more vibrant and relevant. The Studio Immersive offers a new and accessible entryway into deep Jewish exploration, a democratized approach to creativity, and the tools to increase our capacity for empathy, curiosity, and connection.


Who should apply?

You! Activists, educators, seekers, lay leaders, artists, students, clergy - however you identify! This is for all those looking for a new pathway into Judaism and creativity as well as for those looking to go deeper in their current practice. Individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, ages, and perspectives who desire a deep Jewish learning experience and opportunity to immerse in creative process are encouraged to apply. No prior experience in Judaism or the creative arts is expected or required.

Where is the Studio immersive?

The Studio Immersive is held onsite in our Studio based in Berkeley, CA.


Is there a theme for the Studio Immersive?

Yes! Each Immersive has a theme, and the theme will be announced when applications become available. Past themes include:

  • Fall 2019: Lech L’cha - Journey into the Unknown

  • Spring 2019: Min HaMeitzar - From the Narrow Straits

  • Winter 2019: Chalomot - Dreaming of a Better World


What will a typical day look like during the Studio Immersive?

Sample Daily Schedule:

  • Breakfast: Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal provided at the Studio.

  • Spiritual Practice: We begin the day with heart-opening sessions drawing on a range of creative and spiritual modalities including movement, song, traditional prayer, writing, and visual art.

  • Beit Midrash (House of Study): Dive into traditional and contemporary sources on the theme through paired study, group discussion and personal reflection.

  • Lunch: Enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal provided.

  • Creative Process: Move from study to studio as we process and play with the themes and essential questions that arise from our study through art-making, leveraging our unique methodology,  The Jewish Studio Process. Creative arts modalities may include painting, drawing, collage, movement, writing, ephemeral art in nature, and others.

  • Closing: Process, ground and reconnect in preparation for next day.

  • Optional Evening Program: Take advantage of the vibrance of the JSP community through additional workshops with outstanding local faculty.


What makes the Studio Immersive so great?

  • Inclusive Community: Intergenerational, pluralistic, co-created, warm, open to all.

  • Vibrant Space: The Studio- our sacred, colorful, light- and art-filled studio in Berkeley, CA.

  • Groundbreaking Methodology: The Jewish Studio Process - a groundbreaking spiritual technology and experiential approach that blends chevrutah (paired) learning, creative process and spiritual engagement.

  • Bay Area Abundance: Access to the wealth of performances, galleries, exhibits, artists, and more that the Bay Area has to offer.

  • Dynamic Facilitation: Learn with talented scholars, rabbis, prayer leaders, and creative facilitators from the Bay Area and beyond including the JSP team (Rabbi Adina Allen, Jeff Kasowitz, Rachel Brodie, Maya Abramson, and Aliza Shapiro) and amazing visiting faculty including JSP Senior Advisor, Dr. Pat Allen (artist, art therapist and author of "Art is a Way of Knowing"). 

What kind of Jewish experience or background do I need to qualify for the Immersive?

We welcome participants from a range of backgrounds and expressions who have an interest in exploring Judaism in a pluralistic environment, including those who are beginning to explore Judaism as well as those who have deep experience with text and tradition. You do not need to be Jewish to participate.


Where will participants stay during the immersive?

Berkeley has a range of hotels, B&Bs and short-term rental options at a variety of price points.


How will the application process work?

Applications are now closed for our Fall 2019 Studio Immersive. If you have submitted an application prior to the deadline, plan to hear back from us by no later than September 27th!

How much does the Studio Immersive cost?

Tuition for the Studio Immersive is $900 which helps to cover programming, food and logistical costs for the week. Partial scholarships are available on a limited basis.


JSP Program Manager Aliza Shapiro is excited to hear from you. You can reach her at