A deep-dive into Jewish inquiry and creative process across five days. An intergenerational cohort of committed questioners and explorers. A vibrant creative studio in Berkeley, CA.


Why the Studio Immersive?

 Each one of us has the ability to imagine, ask questions, play and wrestle with the raw materials of our lives to bring new insights into the world. In a Jewish context, our creativity can bring forth unique voices and diverse perspectives, making our tradition more vibrant and relevant.

The Studio Immersive offers a new and accessible entryway into deep Jewish exploration, a democratized approach to creativity, and the tools to increase our capacity for empathy, curiosity, and connection.

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Apply to participate in an Immersive!

Applications for the Fall 2019 Immersive (November 10th - 14th) will be available in August 2019. Sign up here to be the first to receive one in your inbox:

Watch a video highlighting JSP in action!

I learned tools to reinvigorate parts of myself I hadn’t before explored.
I was able to dive deep into important Jewish questions that studying text wouldn’t reveal on its own.
I felt so totally nourished every single day.
I’m taking away empowerment of owning my Judaism.
Things felt possible in a new way.