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JSP works with organizations to build their teams, enhance collaboration, develop staff and leadership and support program development.


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Creative Professional Development

Custom-designed sessions for staff, leadership and boards that spark imagination and connect team members in new and creative ways.


Creative Facilitator Trainings

Hands-on training for educators, lay leaders, artists and clergy. Participants learn the JSP methodology, gain experience crafting creative learning experiences and practice facilitating in the JSP style. 


Organizational Consulting

Consultation on program design, curriculum development and hands-on creative facilitation.


Creative PD Methodology

The Jewish Studio Process is a unique learning methodology that combines two proven approaches - traditional hevrutah study and creative practices from the world of art therapy with the goals of: opening hearts and challenge minds; connecting people to a Judaism that is relevant to their lives; and providing the space and opportunity for empathy building and creative risk taking.


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