“In the Beginning” - The JSP in Residence at Congregation B’nai B’rith

  • Congregation B'nai Brith Santa Barbara, CA

There was Evening: A Celebration of Creation and Creativity: A beautifully curated evening of community, celebration, Torah, and art. We will explore the theme of creation through a unique creative learning experience while dining on sweets, sipping wine and connecting with one another. Come learn, collaborate, create, sing and celebrate. The evening will include a musical Havdalah ceremony.

Creativity at the Heart of Creation: An Artistic Midrash Workshop: A hands-on creative learning experience that activates the imagination, unleashes curiosity and engages the heart, mind and soul. This workshop will focus on the intriguing and limitless themes of creation and creativity from Genesis. We will learn, paint and write as ways of deepening our understanding  of the Creation story. Each participant will come away with their own visual and written midrash on a line from the creation narrative.